Urgent Care Services

In an effort to serve the growing need of our clients to address non-emergency medical issues, we are pleased to offer Urgent Care Veterinary Services at the following times:


Monday     9a- 7p

Tuesday    9a- 7p

Thursday  9a- 7p

Friday        9a- 5p


Urgent Care Veterinary Services are available to our clients on a same-day basis for non-emergency medical attention. Patients will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis but may be prioritized by urgency at the Doctor’s discretion. Kenwood’s Urgent Care Services offer convenient and reliable medical attention for your pet with no appointment needed.


If your pet has a problem that cannot wait for a regularly scheduled office visit but does not require a trip to an emergency facility, you can be seen same-day by our urgent care services team.  If your pet has a sudden onset of any of the following issues, our Urgent Care Veterinary Services are here to help.


"What is Urgent Veterinary Care?"


Examples of Urgent Care visits:


• Ear infection

• Diarrhea or problems with urination and defecation

• Vomiting

• Lethargy

• Cuts, Scrapes, Wounds

• Itching, rashes

• Eye infection

• Loss of appetite

• Coughing or difficulty breathing


Please call our Client Services team to alert us that you and your pet are on the way Call us at 301-654-3000