Pet Insurance Options

Selecting an insurance company for your new pet’s health insurance can be a scary task given the number of providers and not knowing where to start. It’s important to know that almost all of the options will require you to still pay the full invoice the day of procedure, but then reimburse you at a later time. Below is a link to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) listing of insurance companies for you to look through:


These are a few beginning questions that we recommend you look into before signing up for a plan:

  • • Does it cover wellness items (vaccines, routine blood work, etc)?
  • • Does it cover prophylactic dental cleanings?
  • • Does it cover pre-existing conditions for older patients?
  • • What percentage of the total invoice does it cover?
  • • Does it cover known breed-specific diseases (i.e. cardiac disease for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)?
  • • Is there a maximum coverage amount?
  • • Refer to AVMA’s website for more questions to ask.


Learn More Here: Pet Insurance Comparison Chart


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