Update on Medication Refills and Online Pharmacies

Kenwood Animal Hospital is happy to assist our clients in purchasing medications via online pharmacies. When using a reputable, VET VIPPS approved pharmacy, these sources often provide convenience and cost savings. Although Kenwood receives no financial gain from these pharmacies and does not charge a fee to our clients, we are happy to partner with a variety of online pharmacies.

However, going forward, we have decided that Kenwood Animal Hospital will no longer partner with Chewy.com. Chewy has repeatedly had significant delays in processing client requests, has generally required multiple communications to complete orders, and has inefficient and inconsistent methods of communication. Most recently, they have declined to accept emails. They have instituted an online portal for veterinarians to approve orders but, despite signing up for the portal in mid-April, it is still not operational so we are not able to access it. When delays and errors have occurred, Chewy generally falsely informs the client that the delay or error is on the part of the veterinarian. This has led to frustration for our clients and our staff.

Kenwood Animal Hospital will continue to partner with all other online VET VIPPS approved pharmacies.

As a reminder, here are the options for refilling your pets’ medications and prescription diets:

•. Medications may be picked up at the hospital. You can also complete your refill request here.
• Refill medications via our online pharmacy partner, VetSource. This is the safest and most reliable way to order medications as they are shipped directly from our distributor. Medications are shipped to your home and auto-ship is available for chronic medications and diets. A link to our online pharmacy is available here.
• Refill medication through other online pharmacies. We have worked successfully with PetMeds, Allivet, ValleyVet, Walmart, Costco, and others.
• Kenwood will provide a written prescription to you to fill at Chewy.com or any other pharmacy of your choice. Please click here to request a written prescription. 

We hope this provides a variety of options for obtaining safe, affordable and convenient medication refills. Please email Patrick Dougherty at pdougherty@kenwoodvet.com if you have any questions.