Kenwood's Canine Clubhouse


Kenwood Animal Hospital offers veterinary-supervised boarding for your dog or cat that is affordable, safe and comfortable. Our caring, experienced staff is dedicated to providing personal attention to your pet. Any special health needs, such as medicine administration, food preparation and exercise requirements, will all be reviewed with you.





Boarding Fee Schedule

Regular Boarding (charged per overnight)

Cats: $29.50/night

Under 30 lbs: $41.75/night
31-60 lbs: $45.50/night
Over 61 lbs: $48.50/night
Please note: boarding fees include two walks outdoors for elimination purposes. Additional walks are available at $6.75 each. All dogs will be weighed at drop-off.

Boarding Vaccination Requirements

Proof of the following vaccinations is required when boarding your pet(s) at Kenwood Animal Hospital:


  • • Rabies
  • • Distemper (or Distemper-combo vaccine, such as FVRCP)


  • • Rabies
  • • Distemper (or Distemper-combo vaccine, such as DHPV or DHLPP)
  • • Bordatella ("Kennel Cough")

Canine Clubhouse

Kenwood's Canine Clubhouse is an excellent opportunity for your dog to escape the daily tedium of being left at home alone while you're at work. Let your dog experience the fun of frolicking and socializing with other dogs that's achieved by our safe, clean, luxurious and comfortable facility.
With our new and improved location comes numerous new features and accomodations to make this time for your dog the best it can possibly be!
• Brand new suites created by the industry leader in safe and sanitary K9 kennels, Mason Company
• 1450' square feet of daycare play area for your dog to roam free! The multi-sport field that's used in gyms, horse stables, and hospitals are rubberized and seamless
• Web camera access for you to check in on your pet whenever you want!
Tours Available!
We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your choice of Kenwood's Canine Clubhouse. That's why we're offering tours of our facility! If you're a client that's interested in boarding your dog during a future vacation, our doors are open for tours.
Supervised Playdates are available for baording dogs in increments of 2 hours ($16.50/daily session) or 4 hours ($29.50/daily session). Daycare packages may also be applied toward boarding playdates.
Daycare is available for boarders every day of the week; however, weekend and Holiday Daycare sessions consist of 2 hour playgroups ONLY.
Medical or Special Care boarders may be evaluated by staff and allowed to participate in Daycare on a case-by-case basis.



What To Bring

Please be sure to label all personal items with your pet's name and your last name.

  • • Vaccine and any other pertinent medical records (if performed elsewhere).
  • • Your pet's regular food (and treats!) if they are on a special or prescription diet, have any food sensitivities, or may otherwise do best with their food. Otherwise we feed a standard diet (bland low residue diet for dogs, chicken and rice diet for cats - both available in canned or dry formulation). A variety of prescription diets may also be available for purchase.
  • • Your harness, and advise us whether your dog requires harness walks ONLY. Also, please let us know whether your dog is used to having the harness on at all times, or if it should be removed between walks. (Please note: Kenwood Animal Hospital is not responsible for failure of owner-provided equipment.)
  • • Your pet's medications and/or supplements as well as instructions on how these are to be administered during their boarding stay.
  • • A well-loved toy, but preferably not your pet's favorite, as it may be misplaced during daily bedding changes. Anything that smells like home, such as a worn t-shirt, can be comforting for your companion while they're away from their home and people!

What Not To Bring

  • • Pet beds, pillows or favorite blankets. We have a bounty of comfy bedding, and using our own will prevent your favorites from being misplaced in the laundry during daily bedding changes.
  • • Rawhides, Greenies or other chewy treats, as these could be a potential choking hazard.
  • • Bowls, as we have stainless steel bowls available that we sterilize between uses.

Additional Services

Kenwood Canine Clubhouse offers more than just daycare! Please inquire about the following:


  • • Shuttle bus service for pick up and delivery of dogs to and from daycare
  • • Routine grooming tasks, including: nail trims, anal gland expression, and brushing and coat maintenance.
  • • Training reinforcement
  • • Daycare in conjunction with boarding
  • • Discounted daycare package rates
  • • 2 or 4 hour playdates to let your dog work out some energy and supplement daily walks during their kennel visits
  • • Veterinary checkups while your dog spends the day playing!
  • • Annual exam
  • • Vaccines
  • • Microchipping
  • • Annual Heartworm and Lyme disease tests