Boarding At Kenwood Animal Hospital


Premium Canine Boarding  


While you travel for business or pleasure, allow your four-legged friend to enjoy a vacation with us! We provide a safe, fun, and luxurious boarding environment with options for supervised  group play in our huge indoor daycare field and grooming services before going home! Each canine guest is housed in their own suite for privacy, comfort, and safety.


 Our Canine Boarding facility staffed seven day a week, so dogs get the attention and care they need while boarding with us.


  • -Full-time care by a team of professional dog lovers
  • -Access to veterinary care if needed
  • -Daily pictures and updates at owner request
  • -Add-on amenities such as bathing, nail trims, housekeeping, television, web camera


Canine Reservations Types Available:


Standard Suite: 15 square feet suite, chew proof kennel bedding, suitable for up to #100

Includes: 2 potty breaks, Owner directed feeding

All additional services at owner cost (bath, 2 hr or 4 hr daycare, extra walks, nail trim)


Deluxe Suite: 24 square feet, privacy glass enclosure, chew-proof kennel bedding, suitable for guests #100+, elevated bed

Includes: 3 potty breaks, up to 4 hours daycare per day, Owner directed feeding


K9 Cabin: 16 square feet, privacy glass enclosure, chew-proof kennel bedding

Designed for our smaller guests (<#25) who are more comfortable in smaller enclosure. 

Includes: 3 potty breaks, up to 4 hours daycare per day, Owner directed feeding


Luxury Suite: 45 square feet. Our largest suite, K9 custom couch, suitable for guests #100+, Web camera access provided for Owner, In-suite TV or soothing music

Includes: 3 potty breaks, up to 6 hours daycare per day, owner directed feeding, complimentary bath before discharge.


Click through the photos below to view our facility!


Feline Boarding at Kenwood Animal Hospital:


Kenwood Animal Hospital offers separate boarding areas for cats and dogs. Cats enjoy a comfortable condo-style suite, and are entertained by a variety of toys and picture windows.

Condos are a comfortable 8 square feet and include a climbing shelf and plush bedding. 


What To Bring

• Medications

All medications in their original vials or packaging with correct dosage instructions.

• Food & Snacks

Feel free to bring food and treats.

• Records

Email or hard copy of updated vaccination records.


***Please do not bring personal leashes, harnesses, bedding, or toys unless absolutely required for care of your pet. 



Vaccination Requirements

Canine:                                                       Feline

Canine Distemper Combination                 Rabies

Rabies                                                        Feline Distemper Combination

Bordetella (“kennel cough”)

Canine Influenza 


If your pet has not been vaccinated, we offer the option to vaccinate in order to utilize our boarding & daycare. Please click here to fill out our Permission to Vaccinate form.


Advance reservations are required for boarding. Reservation types and availability are limited. We recommend booking a reservation at least one week in advance of your travel.



Boarding Check In/Check Out

Please complete a boarding agreement form before each visit. This form is available HERE. Our staff will review this form with you when you arrive for check-in.


Pets may check in and out of boarding during the following hours:


Monday-Friday: 8AM - 6PM

Saturday: 9AM - 12PM

Sunday: 3PM - 6PM

Major Holidays (New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day) CLOSED


Staff members are not permitted to admit or discharge pets outside of the above listed hours.


Payment is due at time of discharge. If convenient, we prefer that you leave payment information on file for express check-out.



Doggy Daycare



  • -1500 square feet of room to run and play on our K9 Sport Court
  • -Fresh water always available
  • -Playground equipment
  • -Toys and balls


All dogs are under constant supervision  in our state-of-the-art   K9 sport court. Toys and playground equipment are provided for their enjoyment. Access our webcamera live stream HERE.  At the discretion of Clubhouse staff, play ground may be separated by size, temperment, and playstyle.


Daycare Packages are available at discounted rates, and a first time trial of Doggy Daycare is free!



All dogs are evaluated for temperament and sociability by our staff, to ensure a good fit for the playgroup, and that they will benefit from the exercise and experience. All dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed/neutered to participate in group play.


Supervised Playdates are available with our Standard Boarding Reservations in increments of 2 hours ($18.25/daily session) or 4 hours ($33/daily session). Boarder playdates are included at no cost in Deluxe, Cabin, and Luxury Reservations. 

Daycare is available for boarders every day of the week; however, weekend and Holiday Daycare sessions consist of 2 hour playgroups ONLY.


**Medical or Special Care boarders may be evaluated by staff and allowed to participate in Daycare on a case-by-case basis.


Please click here to fill out our Daycare Agreement form.


Vaccination Requirements


Canine Distemper Combination          


Bordetella (“kennel cough”)

Canine Influenza 


If your pet has not been vaccinated, we offer the option to vaccinate in order to utilize our boarding & daycare. Please click here to fill out our Permission to Vaccinate form.



Additional Services

Kenwood Canine Clubhouse offers more than just daycare! Please inquire about the following:


  • • Routine grooming tasks, including: nail trims, anal gland expression, and brushing and coat maintenance
  • • Veterinary exams 
  • • Annual exam
  • • Vaccines
  • • Microchipping
  • • Annual Heartworm and Lyme disease tests
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